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2019 Recap

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

2019 has been incredible !!

We started the year with the refit made by the students of the Institut de Nàutica de Barcelona. The end result was a beautiful boat that had nothing to envy to the latest generation ones ✨🚀

In May, the first regatta of the season was the Trofeu Balsamar, which we won alongside the best possible teammate, Didac Costa. We arrived in Palamós at 3 am and a little later we took the boat back to CLUB NÀUTIC GARRAF. ⛵️🌙

The support of the sponsors and technical partners made it possible for the project to go ahead. On June 3rd, Helly Hansen informed me that I was going to become the new brand ambassador. It has been a huge honor for me! 💛

Also in June came the big setback of the season when I broke the mast just starting the Mini Fastnet. 😤😱 I thought that the Mini Transat had gotten out of hand. Fortunately and thanks to the work of a very professional team we missed the Transgascogne but we arrived ready for the Transat and better equipped than ever! 💪🏼

After a couple of weeks of postponement due to the harsh weather conditions in the Gulf of Gascogne, the great moment came on October 5th. Finally, the departure of the expected Mini Transat. I was dying to go out to the water to compete, but the whole preparation was very fast and against the clock. 😳 The first stage was a very hard and incredible experience, we managed to finish it without major damages and arriving in Las Palmas on the morning of October 15. 👍🏼

The second stage started on time on November 2nd, heading to the Caribbean, but it was on the early 19th in the morning when I arrived in Martinique after less than 17 intense days of racing that were a rollercoaster of emotions. 🙌🏻 If you want to revive the regatta, you have the videos available on YouTube and in previous posts. 👇🏻

So then, on November 19th, I finished the stage of the Mini Transat with an 8th position that could not make me happier! It has been a year with several stones along the way that have not prevented a great final result. 👌🏼

Thanks to all my sponsors and to all those who have collaborated to make my dream come true. Thanks to my team and to those who have followed my adventure. I will always keep you in mind! 🙏🏼

2020. For this year I ask to be able to continue browsing, new challenges to come and grow with each one of them. ⛵️💨

Happy New Year to all! 💫

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