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The boat is in La Rochelle

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Being the boat already in La Rochelle, it is only 1 month and a half left for the Mini Transat!

Now we need a small rest after these hard and intense months. As you know, everything that has come after the break of my mast on the Fastnet has not been easy at all. First of all, because I thought I could no longer compete or be ready for the Mini Transat, and then because there were many things to manage for the arrival of the new mast and the preparation of the boat.

We have been in Lorient preparing the boat and there we could closely follow all the work with the mast while we were still preparing the material for the Mini Transat and the general preparation of the boat. Luckily, we were well surrounded by professionals to equip the mast. It is time to thank the great dedication and professionalism of Pascal from Iroise Gréement, he is the best!

As soon as we could, we went out sailing to try everything. The truth is that this new mast is going very well! We are super happy with the feelings and also how the boat is going in general (batteries, pilot, etc). I am incredibly proud to sail again with my 431 and with more desire than ever (if possible) for the Mini Transat!!

I want to thank the people who have supported me in these complicated weeks, to my insurance for having been so efficient (!!), and also to my friend Nicolas Myr, who without asking him anything, wanted to come to Lorient to help me put the boat ready when we received the mast. His dedication was maximum and he surprised me with everything he knows and the way he helped me. MERCI NICO!

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