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Departure of The Mini Transat 2019

It has been 24 hours since the departure of the Mini Transat la Boulangère. Yesterday at 5:30 am we headed to the port to deliver the mobile phone, since communication during the race is prohibited. This is the factor that makes the race a tough and memorable adventure. At 7.30 am, the towing of boats outside the Bassin des Chalutiers began, where they had been moored since September 11. Pep left the port at 8.35 am with a huge smile on his face and with a lot of energy for the start of the race.

The attention signal of the regatta was at 10.30 am. Unlike the day on which the prologue regatta was held, the weather conditions allowed a quiet departure, counting average winds of 7 kts. Pep made a very cautious start, since he was aware that in such a long race, taking risks at the beginning of the race can only pose a risk that your adventure will end there if you collide or break material. For all those who do not imagine how the exit of such a competition is, the 90 boats are located in the center of an imaginary line delimited by two small ships of the organization and must cross that line in the eight-minute countdown. Several sailors collided during the prologue's departure, so generally, yesterday everyone was more cautious.

During the first miles it was necessary to make a few boards to reach the first buoy that they had to surround before leaving the bay of La Rochelle, but the instability of the wind was very decisive. Once the buoy passed the sailors began to move forward with a little more pressure that accompanied them for a while. The forecast was that a front would enter tonight that would favor those who headed a little further northwest rather than down directly towards Finisterre. It seems that it has not been so, although the application to follow the map cartographically is updated every 4 hours and is not entirely reliable in terms of pressure, speed and weather. The last update of the tracker that was made at 10 am lets us see that those who have already found the front pressure run at average speeds of 10-11 kts while those who have not yet reached it continue at 7kts.

We will have to wait during the day today to see how the sailors begin to position themselves with the passage of the front, although there is still much to do and many miles to run. Pep's goal is none other than to finish the stage, reach the Canary Islands in the best possible position and hopes not to break any significant material.

To thank all your support, especially those who have approached La Rochelle to give him a warm farewell and transmit all the strength he needs. Also thank the collaborators, sponsors and all those who have put your grain of sand in the Crowdfunding so that Pep can participate in the adventure.

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