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Pep faces his fourth night on the water and to celebrate it he will round Cape Finisterre during the next few hours since he has less than 20 miles to reach.

Finisterre is the morally toughest point of the first stage and possibly of the whole regatta for Pep. This is the first time he has been sailing in the area and he is aware of the danger of the place 💪🏼 Finisterre and the Costa da Morte are more than respected areas and, as explained by Fran Vignale, a reporter on board the MAPFRE in the Volvo Ocean Race about Finisterre: "If there were hard days in this 'Volvo', these 24 hours are in the Top 5. Maybe not in intensity, but in force of the sea."

When we talk about Cape Finisterre we are talking about a geographical point whose coast is extremely cut and rocky and where storms and storms are common, occurring many times without warning. In general, along the more than 80 kilometers that delimit the Costa da Morte, the geography is extremely steep and the weather conditions that occur at this point have caused throughout history to be one of the coastal areas where more wrecks have been registered, which has given rise to its dramatic name 🌬 Navigation in this area has always been considered dangerous and there is no navigator today who does not feel special respect when passing through the waters of Finisterre and the Coast Morte

It is a very important moment for Pep on a personal level and we must be sure that right now he is very proud to be getting this little big event. 🙌🏻 Hopefully, the conditions these first nights have allowed a little rest 😴, because from this night a front is expected that will accompany them throughout the Portuguese coast and that will reach 45 knots of wind and 9 wave height meters.

There are two competitors who have already had to take refuge in ports in the north of the Spanish coast to solve problems of batteries and energy on board. We hope they solve it soon and can return to the competition. The most important thing is that Pep keeps going down and hopefully he doesn't suffer major setbacks.

Thank you all for the messages of support, it makes us very happy to see that there are so many of you who are waiting for him.

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